Under Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act, hallmarking agency certifies gold on the basis of Indian standards. In other words, gold jewellery will be evaluated and tested at official hallmarking centers and then certified that the metal conforms to the national and international standard of fineness and purity. Taraji Jewellers offers Hallmark Jewellery in Faizabad. A brand of trust since 1997.

Gold purity grade shows how pure the gold is.
999 – 24 carat – Pure Gold
958 – 23 carat
916 – 22 carat
875 – 21 carat
750 – 18 carat
708 – 17 carat
585 – 14 carat
417 – 10 carat
375 – 9 carat
333 – 8 carat

BIS also maintains market surveillance on the certified  jewellers, at a defined periodicity on random basis. Market surveillance involves collection of Hallmarked Gold Jewellary from licencee’s retail outlet/manufacturing premises and having it tested for conformity in BIS recognized hallmarking centre.

Choose from our wide range of Wedding Jewellery in Faizabad. Hallmark jewelry line is unique in that many pieces focus on celebrating themes, including stories and relationships, family, or faith and inspiration. Needless to say, there is other connotation to ‘knowledge is power’ and that is ‘ignorance is your loss’ especially when it comes to buying precious jewellery. Spread the word and let’s make people aware. Buy with confidence only from Taraji Jewellers.